Alyssatech, is the brand of Atrex S.r.l. dedicated to electro-medical devices for aesthetic, physiotherapeutic and aesthetic-medical use. Atrex was founded in the early 2000s, from the merger of two companies in the production of machines for aesthetics, AGEP of Modena and Tierre di Vigevano. The complementarity of the two ranges and the experiences of the partners have allowed a rapid expansion, thanks to the production on behalf of companies already operating in the aesthetic sector and to the parallel development of the Alyssatech range. Research, innovation and design care are the hallmarks of Atrex, which concerned original, performing and reliable products.

Training is one of the cornerstones of Alyssatech's success: the highly specialized courses for the distribution network and sales force cover both the highly technical and usage topics of the machines and the products dedicated to them, as well as the management aspects of beauty centers.