Design & Innovazione

The key words of Alyssatech are design and innovation : the company has entered the beauty equipment market strongly thanks to its strengths in innovation and design.

More and more aesthetic institutes and clinics become places where body care passes through environments where it is pleasant to be. Beauticians and Aesthetic Doctors are no longer limited to make treatments, but becomes the persons who take care of the psychophysical well-being of their clients.

The premises are more and more cared for, and the setting must allow the client to feel at ease. For this reason also the aesthetics of the equipment becomes important as results, since the search for beauty is absolutely consistent with the message that one wants to give.

The machines of Alyssatech have been designed to offer maximum ergonomics to the operator, but also to become a valuable element in the dressing room. The combination of colors and modern but pleasant shapes make Alyssatech equipment an important piece of furniture.
Results are a MUST in Alyssatech and a full Portfolio of aesthetic high quality tecnologies in nowadays available worldwide.